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Flower of the month Lily

The beauty of the lily

The lily is known for its diverse colour palette, ranging from bright white and creamy yellow to vibrant pink, red and even deep purple. Each colour carries its own symbolic meaning. For instance, the white lily symbolises purity and innocence, while the red lily represents passion and love. Its beauty is both subtle and powerful, and it is hard not to be impressed by its beautiful petals and elegant shape.

Lilies for floral designs

Lilies are a true gem that can elevate the overall aesthetic and add a touch of elegance to any arrangement. With their stately pose and striking flowers, lilies are a popular choice among florists and designers. Whether you are putting together a bouquet for a special occasion or want to create an attention-grabbing table decoration, lilies certainly have a place in every florist’s repertoire.
Another advantage of lilies is their impressive size. With their large flowers, they are excellent for making a statement in a floral arrangement. A single lily can already create a striking centrepiece, while several lilies together create a lush and majestic effect. Because of their height and volume, lilies can also be used to add height and dimension to floral arrangements, giving them a real wow effect.

Tips for working with lilies

Choosing lilies is excellent thanks to their long shelf life. Lilies are durable flowers that last a long time. With proper care, lilies can stay fresh for up to two weeks, making them an excellent choice for flower arrangements that need to last a long time. By regularly changing the water, cutting the stems at an angle and keeping the flowers away from direct sunlight and heat, you can make the most of the beauty of lilies over a longer period of time.

Source images: Bloemenbureau Holland, Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl en Mooiwatplantendoen.nl

Noviteiten from growers:

Lily Lasting Love, Grower: Bredefleur

The Lasting Love is very exclusive of its kind. Its large buds with deep red colour give it a luxurious look. Lasting Love exudes class and love. And is available exclusively at Bredefleur.

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Roselily Jacintha, Grower: Moermanlilium

A pure white Roselily, with no pistils or pollen. Upright flower buds and a compact, steve lily. Good for packing and logistics transport.

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Lelie OT Dalian, Grower: Qualily

Lelie OT Dalian, a beautiful exclusive lily, is only grown by 4 Dutch growers. Qualily has long specialised in growing this fantastic lily, which stands out because of its large through-coloured flowers and intense blooms. Its strong characteristics make Dalian ideal for export.

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