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Bloem van de maand november

Skimmia - the four-season miracle

Skimmia is a very popular flower because they show itself from a different side every season. From the end of August, the Skimmia shows beautiful buttons that you can enjoy all winter. These buds open in April / May and then the Skimmia blooms with beautiful white-pink flowers.

The Skimmia can withstand cold days, colors with the season and does not give up. Beautiful in the spring and autumn!

Nice to know is that the Skimmia belongs to the rue family (Rutaceae), which also includes citrus trees. If you bruise the leaves of a Skimmia, a citrus scent is released. In the wild, the Skimmia grows in the forests of China and other parts of Asia, such as the Himalayas.

Product Range
The most cultivated species in the Netherlands is the Japonica Rubella, because of the dark red berries in the fall, this Skimmia is very beautiful in floral arrangements or Christmas pieces. The range has been very extensive in recent years, so there are differences in the color of the flower bud and the leaf.