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Dutch Flower Import

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Dutch flower import, but from which Dutch flower export company? For the import of flowers and plants from the Netherlands to worldwide destinations, Florca is your global floral partner. Our export activities are fully focused on the sourcing, packing and transportation of high-quality cut flowers and pot plants to any destination worldwide.

Our company is located in Westland at the modern Trade Parc Westland in Honselersdijk, the Netherlands. For over 20 years, we supply fresh flowers, plants and accessories to importing wholesalers, florists, event planners and hotels to more than 60 airports worldwide including airports in the USA and Canada, Middle East countries such as Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Far East countries, such as China, India, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, the Caribbean and Africa.

We strive for the best quality flowers and plants for our customers. That is why many flowers and plants are purchased as much as possible directly from selected growers. This ensures the ultimate freshness of the products. In our specially equipped packing room, the products are packed with great attention by the trained staff for air freight.

Via our webshop you can order all available flowers and plants and accessories online. If requested, we could display the prices including air freight costs (C FR prices).
Do you want to start importing fresh flowers from Holland right away? Please complete the contact form below and experience the service of our leading company in the export of Dutch flowers and plants.

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TRADE ONLY: Florca is a B2B exporter for professional importers, (wholesale) florists, floral designers & related trades, who have the intent to resell. Minimum shipping quantity: 100kg

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