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Flirty flowers

We all known the classic rose for Valentine’s Day. But there are many more of ‘flirty flowers’ that you can give for Valentine’s Day. We have highlighted a few flowers. Have you ever thought of these ‘flirty flowers’? 

Ranunculus CL Passion

If you gave someone a bunch of Ranunculus in Victorian times, you were saying: ‘If find you rich in attractions’. Those were the days. But you can certainly still make people happy with a colourful bunch of Ranunculus today.

Freesia du Red Beauty

The Freesia symbolises unconditional love. So there! Traditionally you gave your spouse white Freesias after seven years of marriage to remind you both of pure, true love. You might still be a long way off that, but it’s a very good start! A red Freesia will look great in your Valentine’s bouquet.

Dianthus St Clear Water

The carnation symbolises passion, longing and romance. Renaissance painters in the 15th and 16 centuries chose this flower to appear in their engagement portraits for good reason. It’s also the perfect flower for reawakening the passion in your relationship. If that’s necessary …

Rose tr Fireworks

It’s well-known that the red rose represents love and romance. But do it a little bit different this year, choose the spray rose!

Germini Pomponi Gala

The gerbera has no symbolic meaning, but why should that matter? We think this flower stands for cheerfulness! And when you choose for a romantic color… it’s perfect for Valentine’s day!