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Flower of the month October

Sparkling shapes, trendy shades and of course that legendary resilience: the chrysanthemum is justifiably the undisputed heart and soul of the October party. No other cut flower offers so much choice, from sparkling stars and voluminous spray chrysanthemums to cheerful pompoms and spectacular soloists which can achieve a diameter of some 10 centimetres.

Perfect for classic autumn bouquets, but also ideal material for modern arrangements in the trend colours of ochre, pink, lilac, brown and yellow. Because pushing the envelope is something else that chrysanthemums are very good at.

Chrysanthemums were being grown in China as a flowering herb as early as the 15th century BC. They were viewed there as an exulted plant with special properties. So special that only noblemen were given permission to plant them in their gardens. Chrysanthemums can therefore also be found on the finest Chinese porcelain, painted in the refined Asiatic style. In Japan that the flower plays an even more prominent role as the national symbol and in the form of the imperial Chrysanthemum Throne. The succession - Emperor Akihito abdicated in favour of his son Naruhito earlier this year - means that chrysanthemums are particularly relevant this year.

Range & assortment
The offering consists of spray chrysanthemums (multiple flowers per stem), disbudded chrysanthemums (one flower per stem) and Santini (maximum flower diameter 40 mm, stem length 55 cm). In terms of flower shapes, we have single-flowered, double-flowered, anemone, spider and pompom. The range consists of more than 400 varieties, so that there is plenty of choice to welcome autumn 2019 in a surprising way.