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Gerbera United

Grower on stage

In 2009, Willem Peter van den Berg and Dick Kooij decided to merge two companies into one company named: Gerbera United.

Product Range
Gerbera United currently has 103 different varieties in its range. They focus on two lines: Ambition and Perfection. “Ambition” includes the original, extravagant and special gerberas, the unique species that are not often seen and that is precisely why Gerbera United belongs. This line includes varieties such as the curled Pasta, the lush Springs and the stuffed Gerondo. “Perfection” varieties are the true classics that complement the collection. The gerberas of the perfection line are, as Gerbera United puts it, of pure perfection and available throughout the year.

A large diversity of Gerberas is grown on the 7.5 hectares. At the moment there are two locations where the flowers are grown and within a very short time a third location will be added. Gerbera United currently produces around 45 million stems a year. A gerbera plant grows for around 3 years and during this period the plant produces around 100 flowers. The quality and shelf life are of paramount importance. To ensure, among other things, that the flowers remain in perfect and healthy condition, biological control is used.

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