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Green of the month March


The Product of Heidelbeer
Latin name: Vaccinium myrtillus
Length: from 40 cm till 60 cm
Country of origin: Germany & Ukraine
Available: from November until March

Heidelbeer or Vaccinum Myrtillus is a perennial heather plant that grows mainly in open forests in Germany and the Ukraine.

Since only the bare branches are used, one has to wait with harvesting until late autumn, so that all the leaves have fallen off the branches.
The cutted Heidelbeer branches are bundled in large bunches and picked up by the supplier from the forest road. These bunches are then checked in the processing shed and sorted on length and quality.

Fun Fact:
The fruit of the Heidelbeer is known to a much larger public than the branches in the horticulture industry: it is in fact the famous BLUE BERRY.

Green Inspiration with Heidelbeer
Heidelbeer is usually sold during Tulip season. The fresh apple green color of Heidelbeer combined with tulips gives you a wonderful spring feeling when you combine it with broom.

Did you know
That there is also Heidelbeer ‘flocked’ or treated in different colors for a bouquet in the right (spring) mood?