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Grower of the week Marjoland Roses

On 24 January, we visited Marjoland’s rose nursery, where we were welcomed by Angelien and Roy. Together with the family, they run a rose nursery of 20 hectares, which makes theirs the biggest rose nursery in the Netherlands.

Marjoland was founded in 2000, but the history of the company goes back to 1978. Joop van den Nouweland started out growing cucumbers, but switched to roses in 1985.

When the company moved to its current location in Waddinxveen in 2000, Marjoland was created. At its current location, Marjoland has 20 hectares, where 6 rose varieties are grown. The nursery employs 250 people who spend each day working on top-quality roses.

From small plant to rosebush
A plant remains about 8 years at Marjoland. For that reason, inspection and nurturing is of crucial important for good quality. A lot of attention is paid to this.

Various growing specialists are working round the clock to optimize the climate for the plants. The CO2 level, light and temperature can be controlled for each greenhouse, so that the plant feels great at all times.

Rose from the greenhouse to transport
Twice a day, the roses are clipped at Marjoland to be able to sort them on ripeness as good as possible. Subsequently, the roses are cooled to 4 degrees, to take the speed out of the growth process. Each rose is inspected manually, after which the sorting machine sorts them by length, thickness and ripeness.

Subsequently they are sleeved and put on water. When lengths vary, a carton collar is used to protect the roses as good as possible before they proceed to transport.

The range consists of the following varieties: Sweet Dolomiti, White Naomi, Red Naomi, Lovely Dolomiti, Penny Lane and Jumilia.

Take a look at the nursery Marjoland Roses

Marjoland Roses