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Grower of the week: Zentoo Chrysanthemum

On january 29, we visited the nursery Leen Middelburg Chrysanten (LMC), which is part of the sales cooperative Zentoo Chrysanten. Here we were welcomed by Sander and Edwin, who gave us a tour through the nursery.

Zentoo is the quality brand for unique chrysanthemums. Zentoo offers a wide range of varieties, all of which guarantee the most beautiful creations. LMC is one of the initiators of this partnership. The company grows different colors and varieties, spread over locations in Westland and Brabant, and offers an assortment of six varieties; Haydar, Kennedy, Code Green, Copa, Softone and Fianna.

The cuttings of the plants are imported from breeders in The Netherlands and Africa and put in the ground by a machine in the greenhouse, the correct climate (autumn) is provided for each department, so that the Chrysanthemums can grow optimally all year round. When the crop is large enough, the main bud is removed by hand because it blooms earlier and will have finished flowering when the other buds bloom. When the crop is harvested, the chrysanthemums are cut from the ground and then placed on the conveyor belt by hand. The belt goes underground to the shed, where the chrysanthemums are weighed, cut and coughed by the machine. Once a department has been harvested, it takes less than half a day for new cuttings to appear and the process to start again from the beginning.

Take a look at the nursery Zentoo Chrysanthemum

Zentoo Chrysanthemum