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Grower on stage: Anco pure Vanda

The Vanda originates from the southern flanks of the Himalaya and in the region between India and South China. Anco’s plants come from Thailand. The plants are exported to the Netherlands when they are five years old. The Vanda breeder never stops looking for new varieties, but it takes around six years before a new variety is ready for production.

Anco pure Vanda

The nursery
The plants are suspended in the nursery so that the roots have enough space to grow. The roots of the plant are traditionally accustomed to clinging to trees in the jungle. The nursery has between 700 and 1000 plants, each of which produces about three branches per year. You can tell exactly how old a plant is by counting the ‘scars’ of the cut branches. Anco currently has about 72 varieties in its assortment. Anco uses organic crop protection to prevent diseases.

Packaging and vase life
The Vanda is a fragile flower, which is why all processes in the nursery are carried out by hand. The packaging process is also fully geared towards protecting the quality of the flowers during transport. Every box has a card with the name of the employee who packed the flowers and care tips to tell you how to keep the flowers for as long as possible. Anco guarantees a vase life of 3 weeks from the moment of sale. That means you can enjoy these flowers for an extra long time!

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