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Grower on Stage Van der Ende flowers

On 19 November, we paid a visit to the Amaryllis nursery Van der Ende Flowers, where we were welcomed by Martijn van der Ende. Together with his brother Gerard, he runs an Amaryllis nursery with multiple locations and a total surface of 12 hectare.

Van der Ende Flowers is specialized in the cultivation of Amaryllis cut flowers for more than 25 years and supplies a very broad assortment. The assortment consists of 25 varieties: small-flowered, large-flowered and double-flowered. In addition to this, Van der Ende Flowers’ assortment includes the exclusive Cybister varieties with its spider-like shapes.

The Amaryllises take all the food that they need to grow from the bulb and are supported by CO2 and an ideal climate. The Amaryllis bulbs can flower for three years, and after these three years, the bulbs are given special treatment. When the bulbs are approved, they can flower for another three years.

When the flowers are ripe for the harvest, each flower goes through a machine with a quality camera. This camera checks every flower and sorts them based on length and thickness. This way every bucket or box is level.

Van der Ende Amaryllis collaborates intensively with breeders to find new and exclusive varieties. When a new variety is discovered, the bulb is cut into four pieces and propagated. Because of this, it may take a very long time before there are enough bulbs to actually produce Amaryllis cut flowers.

Take a look at the nusery of Van der Ende flowers

Van der Ende Flowers - Amaryllis