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The company
Gerard Vos started breeding Helianthus 25 years ago. The company has expanded over the years and sons Jan and Henk have also joined the company. The Vos family grows about 1.5 million stems of Helianthus per year, the flowers are spread over 5 locations and 30 hectares. They start sowing the land in March, in this way they have a good selection available every week for their whole season.

Vos Agro grows 2 types of Helianthus: Sunrich Orange and Vincent’s Choice. The stems have a length of 85 centimeters and always being packed with 30 pieces. During the high season, two trucks with beautiful Helianthussen leave daily at Vos Agro to deliver their customers.

These sunny flowers are cut by hand as soon as they bloom, this is how the flowers preserve the ultimate freshness and the best vase life. An additional advantage of processing on land is bringing transport damage to a minimum. Sustainability and the environment are important parts of the process at Vos Agro, therefore they use pesticides only as much as needed.

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