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Flower of the month August - Hydrangea

Flower of the month - Hydrangea

The Hydrangea is a magic flower! In addition to the a peeling appearance of that beautiful flower bulb, the color of the Hydrangea is changes every month.

  • Color and shape *
    In the first part of the year you see the red, pink, purple, white, green and blue hydrangeas and all kind combinations of those colours. In the second part of the year, the flowers are appaer in warmer colours, such as green, red and the brown shade.
    The Hydrangea is available in all sizes, from a subtle small flower to a flower in terms of size with a football. Did you know that the shape of the flowers can be like a spherical hydrangea, but also there are lilac flowering blooms, double-coloured blooms, flowering types and edging blooms?
  • Drying *
    The hydrangea is a perfect flower for drying. The drying is only possible with a classical hydrangea. These hydrangeas are multicoloured and with a red or purple border. Drying is works best if you the flowers was standing in the water for a while. Does the flower feel crispy after a few days and does the leaf start to hang? Than it’s time to remove the water from the vase and the green leafs. This way you can enjoy your hydrangea for another long time.

This beautiful flower stands for beauty, grace and gratitude. In addition, the Hortensia is named after a woman from the past, but it is unclear which woman this was exactly. There is a suspicion that the Hortense in question was actually Hortense van Nassau. This is a tough and heroic lady who participated in an expedition around the world. The hydrangea is therefore probably named after a real power woman!

Tips for the hydrangea in the vase

  • Cut the stem as obliquely as possible so that your flower can get as much moisture as possible.
  • Place the flowers in a clean vase and fill it with a generous layer of warm water.
  • Do not place the vase on the draft, in the sun, by the stove or next to the fruit bowl.
  • For the ultimate vase life you can also add cut flower nutrition to the water.
  • Remove excess leaves and make sure that it does not hang in the water.