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Perfect wedding flowers #3

In need of inspiration for a perfect wedding bouquet? We help to inspire you with serveral perfect wedding flowers.

Perfect Wedding Flowers #3

1. Dahlia Karma Choco

Dahlia Karma Choco a perfect wedding flower.

This flower fits perfectly in our perfect wedding selection because of her meaning. When you say Dahlia, you say ‘forever yours’. Such a romantic right?

Cosmos Black Beauty

We are not kidding when we tell you that these flowers truly look and smell like chocolate! We can’t tell you about the taste of the flower😜


The amazing Gloriosa!💥 A delicat flower which are sold in airtight bags, to protect them. Be carefull when you cut the bag open, do this along the side so you could easiliy remove the flowers.

Nigella’s Seed Red

This flower is called Nigella damascena and her nickname in English is “Love in a Mist”. This name describes this elegant and lovely flower perfectly. The flower is even provided with a complete “crown” and surrounded by a “green haze” of rag-fine, feathery leaves.❤️

Rubus Fruticosa Chester

Maybe it would not pop your mind immidiatly but do you know this Rubus Fruticosa Chester? You might know it as a garden plant but did you know it is also available as a cut flower?🥰 A fruity twist to your wedding bouquet!

Rose Westminster Abbey😍

This is our last Perfect Wedding Flower of this season, and what a beauty! This is a real perfect wedding flower, each wedding bouquet lights up with this elegant flower! A perfect large bloom and a subtle romantic fragrance.
The Westminster Abbey is named after a British church because the rose shares the same color as the church’ exterior.