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Pico Bello

Pico Bello Hydrangea

On 23 July 2019 part of our team visited Pico Bello Hortensia in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands. We were welcomed enthusiastically by the owner, Paul, and his dog, Dex.
Paul gave us a tour of his greenhouse, which is just like a sweetshop with its gorgeous colours and beautiful large flowers.

Paul founded the company in 1988 and two of his sons, Richard and Bob, also joined the company in recent years. Pico Bello Hortensia has been located in Bleiswijk for two years. In order to continue to ensure quality, Pico Bello had to move to a larger and newer location, with improved techniques for even better quality. They currently have a greenhouse measuring 6 hectares. At this location, they are able to grow the different types of cut hydrangeas according to their own needs and in the desired climate.

Pico Bello Hortensia grows around 16 different varieties and produces 1.6 million stems per year. What is unique about these flowers is that one flower can be sold as three different types in one season. The flower colour changes significantly throughout the season, which means that the type changes too. They start with fresh, intense colours, which gradually change into the traditional warmer colours.

The plant food determines the colour of the flower. This makes it possible for the same plant to produce different colours. The colour is also partly determined by the light that the flower receives. Sunlight is partially responsible for the beautiful flower colours. The entire production is grown organically.

Pico Bello Hortensia’s flowers are available from mid-April to late December. View the current supply in our webshop.

Take a look at the nursery of Pico Bello