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Plant export company

Plant export company

Plant export company Florca is entirely specialized in buying, packing and shipping of fresh Dutch plants (and flowers) by plane across the globe. From the Trade Parc Westland in the Netherlands, we annually export about 1000 tons of fresh plants, flowers, and accessories to more than 60 destinations worldwide, including the Far East, the Gulf region, Africa and the Caribbean. For these destinations, we supply plants, flowers and accessories to wholesalers, florists, hotels and event planners.

Plant webshop
As Florca, we are one of the few plant exporters that has an advanced webshop where we can offer plants online including freight costs (CFR prices). In our webshop, all of the offered plants are listed with a volume weight so that the air freight costs of each plant can be automatically calculated in the price per plant. This way you know immediately what the plant will cost you at the desired location when you purchase online.

Special plants

Rare plants
Plant export company Florca also ships special plants all over the world. These are exentric plants that do not exist in large quantities. A unique plant! Are you looking for special plants for your store? Plant export company Florca can advise you and send the special plants to you!

Decorum Plants
We have been an official dealer of Decorum plants at distant destinations for several years now. This group of 70 carefully selected plant growers offers a wide assortment of high-quality plants under one brand. Only the best plants are granted the Decorum™ quality label. You can find the total assortment of Decorum™ plants in our webshop, where you can purchase directly from Decorum™ growers.

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TRADE ONLY: Florca is a B2B exporter for professional importers, (wholesale) florists, floral designers & related trades, who have the intent to resell. Minimum shipping quantity: 100kg

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