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Flowers for Events™

Flowers for Events™ speaks for itself. Under this quality label we supply the best selection of Dutch top-quality flowers for events worldwide.
With over 15 years of experience in shipping fresh flowers and plants to more than 30 countries across the globe, we believe that FFE requires an entirely unique approach. Flowers For Events is powered by our flower exporting company Florca Westland.
In recent years we have supplied many special events, from small-scale to enormous weddings for royal families worldwide. For more information about Flower for Events, click here.

Orchid Farm™

For Cymbidium export to our far-away destinations, we have developed a unique air freight box together with a selected group of Cymbidium growers under the brand name Orchid Farm™. This unique box with code name CLV7 offers a lot of advantages compared to the auction Cymbidium box:

  • An attractive design and information carrier for the product such as the number of stems per box, ‘Handle with care’, store at 8-12 °C (45-55 °F) and ‘Not for consumption’.
  • Maximum protection during transport. The top walls of the box’s bottom are equipped with 3 layers of cardboard so that the box cannot sag. An anti-slip adhesive that prevents the stems from moving and two strips of cotton ensure that the Cymbidium heads are not damaged.
  • The unique size of the CLV Cymbidium box saves about 20% of air freight volume.
  • A substantial reduction of packaging material. A master box is no longer necessary, given that this CLV7 box, equipped with 4 air holes, was specially designed for air freight.

Florca Westland is the exclusive supplier of Orchid Farm Cymbidiums. Orchid Farm Cymbidiums are packaged with 8 stems of 60 cm per box and can be ordered in any desired solid colour as well as assorted boxes. Please contact the Florca sales team for availability and prices.

IDA Cargo

At Rotterdam The Hague Airport we started freight forwarding company IDA Cargo together with four partners at the beginning of 2015. This new company is entirely specialised in air freight booking and processing of perishables such as (fruit) produce, flowers and plants to all major destinations worldwide.
Thanks to our participation, we can purchase air freight at very competitive prices and we acquire more knowledge and insight into the air freight sector. In addition, the geographical location at Rotterdam The Hague Airport has logistical advantages for us compared to Schiphol Airport due to the later delivery times for shipments that leave via London Heathrow, Brussels or Frankfurt.