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Ranuculus, a flower full with love and energy!

Colors and shapes
The ranunculus are available in many different colors and shapes, colors like white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple. It’s petals open one by one, so you can slowly look deep into its good heart. They are also available in mixed color, such as red with a black heart.

Nice to know about ranunculus is that they symbolize charm! If you gave someone a ranunculus in Victorian times, you were saying: “I feel you have many charms.” Those were the days right? But you can be sure that nowadays you can still make people happy with these colorful ranunculus.

These flowers find their origin in central Asia, they took a long route and ended up in Europe. In Europe they received their official name: Ranunculus. This is the Latin word for frog - not so strange if you bear in mind that in the wild the ranunculus occurs in swampy areas.

For a nice full spring bouquet, with both bright colors and pastels, you should invite a couple of other flowers into your vase alongside a mixture of ranunculus. Statice (or Limonium) for example.