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Plants from Holland

Plants from Holland

Plants from Holland
We are Florca, we export plants and fresh flowers from Holland to destinations worldwide. We are fully specialized in the purchasing, packaging and exporting of high-quality plants and cut flowers by air freight worldwide. Located in the super-modern Trade Parc Westland in Honselersdijk, the Netherlands, we ship over 1,600,000 kg of flowers and plants by air freight annually. The Gulf region and the Orient are our largest sales markets for plants. Within these markets we supply plants and flowers to wholesalers and florists, hotels and for special events.

Advanced plant webshop
You can buy high-quality plants direct in our webshop. Our specialty in air freight has to lead to Florca being one of the few plant exporters that can offer plants online including freight costs (CFR prices). In our webshop, all of the offered plants are listed with a volume weight so that the air freight costs of each plant can be automatically calculated in the price per plant. Thanks to this you can see your exact purchase price including air transportation without surprises for every desired air freight destination worldwide.

Special plants from Holland

Special plants from Holland
Did you know we also ship special plants all over the world? Think for example of a monstera variegata. Plants that are just a little bit different than the average plant, one of which there is no other! It is difficult to get these plants and therefore you cannot find them in our webshop, but we are happy to help you!

Our colleagues can advise you in the right way and look for your needs. Please contact us via the contact form below or send us a WhatsApp message.

Decorum plants

Decorum Plants
We are an official partner of Decorum plants to far-away destinations. This growers’ association consists of about 70 carefully selected plant growers with a wide assortment of high-quality plants under one brand. Only the best product carry the quality label Decorum™. You can find the total assortment of Decorum™ plants in our webshop, where you can purchase directly from Decorum™ growers.

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TRADE ONLY: Florca is a B2B exporter for professional importers, (wholesale) florists, floral designers & related trades, who have the intent to resell. Minimum shipping quantity: 100kg

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