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Red roses

There is no such thing as the standard red rose. There are so many different varieties, each with its own story and strong characteristics. Our rose specialist has made a list for you for Valentine’s Day.

Dutch red roses
Dutch roses are renowned for their excellent vase life. Three varieties stand out:

Red Naomi
Characteristics: The Red Naomi is known for its warm shade of red and soft velvety hues. It has long stems and excellent transport properties.
Flower size: 9 – 14 cm
Length: 50 – 90 cm
Vase life: 14 days

Red Eagle
Characteristics: This red rose is known for its bright, flame-red colour, which does not fade at all during the flowering period.
Flower size: 10 – 12 cm
Length: 50 – 90 cm
Vase life: 10 – 12 days

Characteristics: The Testarossa is as red as the Ferrari Testarossa. It is known for its long lengths of 80 – 90 cm.
Flower size: 5.5 cm +
Length: 80 – 90 cm
Vase life: 10 – 12 days

Kenyan roses
Kenyan roses grow in a warmer climate and the nurseries are often situated in elevated positions. This allows the roses to grow more steadily, resulting in roses with a nice thick stem.

Characteristics: Rhodos is definitely one of the top ten rose varieties. This rose has a bright red colour.
Flower size: 5 – 6.5 cm
Length: 40 – 90 cm
Vase life: 8 – 10 days

Ever Red
Characteristics: Ever Red is a fairly new variety but is able to hold its own against the more established varieties. The flower has a bright red colour and an elongated shape.
Flower size: 5 – 6.5 cm
Length: 40 – 80 cm
Vase life: 8 – 10 days

Red Ribbon
Characteristics: The Red Ribbon is a smaller red rose variety that is perfect for bouquets.
Flower size: 4 cm +
Length: 35 – 70 cm
Vase life: 10 – 12 days

Madam Red
Characteristics: Madam Red is a gorgeous burgundy rose.
Flower size: 4.5 cm +
Length: 40 – 90 cm
Vase life: 8 – 10 days

The red roses from Ecuador grow on the equator and often high in the mountains. This is the ideal climate for growing top-quality roses. That means thick stems, large flowers and even more intense colours.

Characteristics: Freedom distinguishes itself with its bright red colour and long, slender head.
Flower size: 6.5 cm
Length: 50 – 90 cm
Vase life: 18 days

Characteristics: The star-shaped Explorer rose has a darker colour than the Freedom rose.
Flower size: 5 – 6 cm
Length: 60 – 90 cm
Vase life: 18 days